10 Ideas on How to Stay Active Effortlessly

10 ideas on how to stay active effortlessly

Happy New Year lovelies!! 😍

I thought this might be the perfect post for all of you this new year: 10 Ideas on How to Stay Active Effortlessly. Don’t worry, they are not going to be workout plans, or hit the gym kinda ideas. These are especially good for people who needs to know how to stay active with a busy schedule.

But before we get to the 10 Ideas, I wanted to talk a little about New Year resolutions. I know this is the time of the year where all of us get into setting goals and making lists. While all that is great, it is also important to remember to make a plan on how to achieve your goals. I’m sure we are all familiar with this quote:

“Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”

And for me, this 👇  is my game plan and it has always worked:

“Set goals + Make a plan that fits into my lifestyle + Commit & turn it into a habit

For example;

Goal: To have lean arms + Plan: do 3 sets of 20 rep 2kg weight lifting + Commit & Habit: 10 minutes in the morning and before bed daily

Goal: To eat more veggies + Plan: include a portion of veggie into every meal + Commit & Habit: set saturday as grocery shopping day and meal prep veggies on weekends and portion into individual containers/bags for weekdays

I’ve come to realise how important these fundamentals are when I noticed the goals in which I’ve not made a plan that I could commit to or turn into a habit, I’ve not come close to achieving them at all.

“A little goes a long way”. So it’s okay if your plans seemed very minimal or simple; sustainability matters more. So here are my 10 ideas on how you can stay active effortlessly (they are like my exercises without feeling like I am exercising).

How to Stay Active #1: Park further away

You know how you would normally choose the parking lot nearest to the lift or escalator? Just do the opposite. Pick a spot the furthest away so you are adding more steps in to your day.

How to Stay Active #2: Include short reps of your favourite body resistance workout into your day

This is one of my favourites and I do this daily. My favourites are squats and tricep curls. Whenever you’ve got a minute in the day, just do 20-30 reps. You can do it while waiting for the kettle to boil, before bed, while reading/ watching tv, etc. Because you’re only doing a short rep, broken down to many times in a day, you will not find it too much of a chore. Make it a daily habit and you’ll notice the difference.

How to Stay Active #3: Plan fun outdoor activities with friends

Instead of just organizing a “makan session”,  plan an outdoor activity instead. Hiking, rock climbing, themeparks, any sport (tennis, badminton, football, etc..) Pick an activity that you and your friends enjoy and turn it into a habit by scheduling it into a weekly activity. It’s the new year, propose this to your friends, and make it happen!

How to Stay Active #4: 10 Minute HIIT

This is short, effective and scientifically proven. Yes, who needs an hour long gym session when you can just do this in your peejays in the comfort of your own room 😄  Now go hit some good 10 Minute HIITs for Abs, Upper Body, Lower Body and Full Body Cardio.

How to Stay Active #5: Dine in a mall

If you are dining out and just can’t think of where to go, just head over to the mall. This will not only allow you to go for a “comfortable walk” after your meal, but you will also avoid sitting or lying down right after.

How to Stay Active #6: Do your own house chores (or room chores?)

You get a workout and you get a clean house 😆   It may not be your entire house, it can be just cleaning your room. Set a day to do that on a weekly basis.

If you’re like me (as in lazy 😁), this one can be very “dreading”. So the whole “turning it into a habit” thing is definitely gonna help! 

How to Stay Active #7: Don’t use the trolley while grocery shopping (use the baskets)

Now if you’re in need of some arm workout, this is a good one for you. I know it is a little less convenient, and not as “leisurely”, but it is a really easy way to give your arms a little toning and strength!

How to Stay Active #8: Sit on a Yoga Ball instead of a Chair

This trains your abs and strengthens your core. We know that our abs are probably one of the most underused muscle group. That’s because we are always leaning on a chair or have some sort of support for it. Switching your chair to a yoga ball, will instantly get you to use your ab muscles to hold your posture up.

So get switching; office chair to a yoga ball. Yes, you make a look a little loonie to people at first, but I won’t be surprised if it turns into an office trend when they start catching a difference in your physique.

How to Stay Active #9: Skip the escalators, take the stairs or Walk up the escalator!

I do this daily, but that’s easy for me because my apartment is on the 2nd floor 😆  A little really does go a long way… Ok, so you may not have stairs to climb all the time, then walk up the escalators. In a mall, office building, etc. Use the right lane, walk up instead of standing still as the escalator goes up. A little cardio is good for anyone 😉

How to Stay Active #10: Take the longer route

If you’re walking somewhere, take the longer route intentionally (if you’re not rushing for time that is). It could be a route to your office daily or it could be an occasional occurrence that you need to walk somewhere. Whatever it is, set it as a commitment, make a mental note that you’re always going to do this, so you automatically do it when the opportunity arises.


There you go guys.. My 10 simple almost effortless ideas on how to stay active. They are the simplest things that we may not thought of switching or doing because we have been too comfortable with our current habits.. So I challenge you to start planning, switch things up, make a commitment, and adopt new habits. Hope this will help you start strong and stay strong throughout. #sustainablehabits


Lots of love,



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