My "Health-Changing" Daily Routine

my health-changing daily routine

We are all creature of habits and I find the best way to reach a goal is through establishing habits or routines. Over the course of my health and wellness journey, many habits have been adopted and many have also been kicked to the curb. 😁 I find the ones that usually works out for me are the ones that are sustainable for my lifestyle. Here are a few of the routines that I’ve set for myself for this season of my life; some being new and some are as if they are part of me! 😄

My Health & Wellness Routine #1: Morning Workout

4 tips to make morning workout happen

This is something I’ve recently adopted. My workout sessions used to be in the evening, but I noticed I’ve cancelled them at the last minute one too many times. Usually by the time evening rolls around, I would either be too tired or too hungry to even think about working out. I’ll tell myself “I’ll do it tomorrow”, and we know how that usually pans out. Before I know it, my workout sessions went from 4 times a week to once a week to none at all. 😩

It was not until when I went for a morning session (one of those rare occasions) and noticed how different I felt on that day that the switch happened. I was more energized, more motivated (for work!), and I instinctively crave for healthier foods. I was convinced evening workouts are no longer for me; so morning gym sessions here I come! 💪

I must say, setting gym sessions in the morning isn’t an easy task either. I had to get myself to go to bed earlier so I’m able to wake up early enough, and what really helped me was having a gym buddy. Somehow, knowing that someone else’s workout relies on my habits becomes a motivation for me to not hit that snooze button. Thanks buddy! 😝

My Health & Wellness Routine #2: Quiet time

5 Daily Routines That Has Changed My Body, Mind and Health: Quiet Time

This is a routine I've adopted for quite a while now. Everyone’s quiet time differs, mine consists of journaling, praying, reading the Bible and just reflecting on my thoughts and actions. It has always set a positive tone to my day. There are times where I wake up feeling negative, un-inspired, and moody, but my quiet time has never failed to comfort me and start my day on a positive, joyous note.

Find out what you need to set yourself in a good head space and do that in your “quiet time” routine.

My Health & Wellness Routine #3: Visualizing

This is a fairly new routine I’ve adopted but has helped much in keeping me inspired and motivated so far. Have you ever felt like you are on the go all the time, crossing out your to-do lists, but sometimes not knowing where you are heading? Please tell me I'm not alone in this.. 😁

Keeping myself grounded with my vision and end goal in what I do play such a big role in inspiring me and keeping me going especially during stressful times or on days when I just feel like giving up or breaking down. Visualizing it daily (this can be as short as 5-10 minutes) refreshes me, inspires me and drives me forward.

My Health & Wellness Routine #4: To-Do List

5 Daily Routines That Has Changed My Body, Mind and Health: Make to-do lists

As much as to-do lists may seem a bit oh-so-boring, I have to admit that having it is a MUST for me to actually make things happen. It gives me a mission for the day, and it definitely takes procrastinating out of the way. I don’t know if you guys feel the same way about to-do lists as I do, but I just love crossing out my to-do’s. It gives a sense of achievement and joy when I end my day with everything in the list crossed out. It becomes a mission of mine!

On top of keeping me on top of my game with “executions”, I find making to-do list is one way to keep my work schedules and plans well-organized, giving me a clearer view of what I have going on. 

My Health & Wellness Routine #5: Meal Planning

5 Daily Routines That Has Changed My Body, Mind and Health: meal planning

This is what I do to ensure I’m getting my whole foods daily and eat well.

I generally have an idea of where my meals are going to be for the day (eg: out for dinner, or lunch at home, etc). If I know I was going to be eating out for dinner, I’ll make sure I have my veggies during lunch and brekkie. Most of the time, eating out in Malaysia means lots of carbs, sort-of reasonable portion of protein, probably one or two strands of veggies, and most likely topped with some flavouring, additives or MSG.

So, I like to make sure I’m nourishing myself well by making sure I’m eating enough greens and wholefoods whenever I can. I’ll indulge in my burger and fries if I feel like it when I’m dining out for dinner; but I will also balance it out with a wholesome lunch.


There you have it. The 5 things I do daily that has changed my health which incorporates body, mind and spirit. It may sound boring to have a routine (I used to think so), but when it keeps you inspired, productive, healthy and happy everyday.. trust me you'll be wanting more of them in your life 😎

Oh and guys, no one size fits all. These are daily routines that have helped me tremendously, but everyone's different. Find what works for you (like how I did mine) and stick to them! Or do you already have a routine of your own? Share with me! Would love to hear from you.. 

P.s. If you want to read about the 80:20 lifestyle I've adopted that has completely changed my relationship with food, you can head on over! 

Have a great weekend with your loved ones guys! Remember to always love, give, encourage, listen and share 😘 


Lots of love,


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