5 Practical Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit

5 practical ways to stay healthy and fit

I used to struggle with being in my best behaviour with food (ie; not snacking on rubbish, choosing the “healthiest” option on the menu, not having that bar of chocolate, etc). It became stressful when I find myself feeling guilty constantly and fearing that I’ll gain weight from what I just consumed.

Everything began to change for me when my goal shifted from wanting to be in a certain size/weight to wanting to take care of my body, to be healthy and not skinny. When it wasn’t about the number on that scale anymore, the focus shifted and eventually the way I feel about food changed as well. I’ve learnt to find balance in health, enjoyment in food, and freedom from restrictions.

I hope you’ll find as much help in these tips as I’ve found in them.

How to Stay Healthy Tip #1: 80:20 Rule

80:20 rule 1

how to stay healthy and fit tip #1: 80:20 rule 2

Have you heard of the 80:20 rule? It has changed it all for me. I hate that it’s called a rule though.. It isn’t really. For me, it’s just about ordering whatever I want when I’m out and cooking nourishing food when I’m home.

Most days I cook, so that makes up for my 80 of this 80:20 rule. I find joy in creating and cooking food that are both nourishing and delicious. Most people assume healthy food to be bland and boring. But it’s really not! Anything can be made healthy. Cooking a healthy meal is all about using wholesome ingredients, as simple as that. You can make delicious pancakes, ice cream, pasta, and nasi lemak that are nourishing for your body - it’s all about the ingredients you choose to use to make them. I know of people who can enjoy a bowl of green salad and find that satisfying; I’m definitely not one of them and that’s not what eating healthy is all about as well. There are many delicious healthy recipes that has nothing to do with a bowl of green lettuce!

So, my 20 to the 80:20 rule, is when I give myself a treat as and when I want some, and also when I’m eating out. Let’s be honest, eating healthy can be difficult when you’re dining out, especially in Malaysia when options are limited. Besides, your friends might want burgers and fries! And I wouldn’t mind burger and fries once in a while too! So, when I’m out, I’ll just go with anything I fancy from the menu.

For those of who you have not adopted cooking at home, I really hope the easy meal ideas I’ve shared so far on our instagram, facebook and #thepantryshares will inspire you to do so. It really is that simple, and that satisfying. It doesn’t have to take much time. This easy 15-minute lunch box idea might give you an idea ;)

So, the take away from this is..

How to Stay Healthy Tip #2: Daily 12-Hour Fast

Now, don’t go running away when you see the word “fast”. It is not about starving yourself or restricting yourself from eating. It is about giving your body the time to digest, rest and recover. Giving your body the time to repair and heal daily is essential for optimum health. Learn more about the amazing health benefits of fasting!

It isn’t difficult at all. 12 hours might sound really long but think about it; you spend about 7-8 hours sleeping, so most of your fasting period is when you’re asleep! If your last meal is taken at 9pm, and your breakfast is 9am the next day, that’s your 12 hour fast. Most of you might already be doing it daily without even knowing it.

How to Stay Healthy Tip #3: Morning Sweat Session

✌️ Reasons Why:

👉 You will make better food choices for the rest of the day. Try it, and watch yourself.

👉 Keeps you in a good mood!

When you are on your workout, it doesn’t have to be an hour long workout and it doesn’t have to be at the gym either.. I just mean doing some form of activity; whether it’s a 20-minute brisk morning walk around the neighbourhood, or a 15 minute at-home-workout. The trick is to sweat! Learn more about why sweating is good for you!

How to Stay Healthy Tip #4: Don’t stock up on processed food at home

5 practical ways on how to stay healthy and fit

You know the phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind”? This is one way to apply it.

On days when I want to have a bag of chips or crackers or biscuits, I’ll just go and get one, but I’ll not stock up on them. This is to avoid any emotional eating, overindulging, or bad choices. It also encourages you to use wholesome food. Stock up on nuts and seeds, fruits, honey, rolled oats, frozen fruits, etc.

So when you are craving for something sweet, and when there’s no biscuits or sweets lying around, you’ll either not have anything at all or make something better for yourself. For example, combination of frozen bananas, greek yoghurt and cocoa powder makes a really nice chocolate ice cream. Just add these ingredients in your food processor, let it run for 30 seconds, and it’s ready to serve. All natural, not processed and much better for your body.

You will be amazed with what you can do with few wholesome ingredients. Check out our meal inspirations ✌️

How to Stay Healthy Tip #5: Track nutrients by day, not by meal

5 practical ways to stay healthy and fit: batch cooking

This is a good way to stay on top of your health game. A lot of articles, new researches and health trends may make eating healthy sound so complicated and confusing. But really..

5 practical ways to stay healthy and fit

Get that in on a daily basis and you’ll be alright. Don’t give yourself unnecessary stress by tracking every meal. Look at what you eat as a whole in a day instead. For example, if you’re at a lunch place that serves no veggies, it’s alright. Just get them in at dinner.


I hope these simple practical tips will help you with your health goals. I have benefit tremendously from them, and I’m pretty confident you will too. Just…..

5 practical ways to stay healthy and fit

I’ve told myself that plenty of time, and that tomorrow eventually leads to another tomorrow; it goes on and surprise, surprise, that tomorrow never made it.

5 practical ways to stay healthy and fit

That applies to anything; be it a career achievement, personal development, relationship goal, health aspirations, etc.. I hope you’ll say “I’m starting now” to these 5 practical ways to stay healthy that I’ve just shared 😘


Lots of love,




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