Easy Cooking Recipe: Roasted Garlic & Veggie Pasta

easy recipe: roasted garlic-veggie penne pasta

Yes, you read it right. I’m going to be showing you how I make a pasta dish in 15 minutes, with only 3 steps and 3 ingredients. It is an easy cooking recipe that’s perfect for dinners, lunches. If you’re a “beginner” in the kitchen or if you hate prepping work in cooking, this will be perfect for you...

Here are the 3 ingredients used to make this pasta

Easy Cooking Recipe: 3 Ingredients

easy cooking recipe: quinoa penne pasta

easy cooking recipe: frozen mixed vegetables

easy cooking recipe: roasted garlic dressing/dip

and here are the steps: 

Easy Cooking Recipe: 3 Steps

easy cooking recipe: step 1 (cook pasta)

easy cooking recipe: step 2(roast vegetables)

easy cooking recipe: step 3(add dressing)

easy cooking recipe: serve and enjoy

It is really that simple guys. You can implement this method to many other dishes as well. Just keep in mind these 3 tips to make it work:

Easy Cooking Tip#1: Use frozen veggies

Why do we love this tip?

Last longer than fresh veggies ✔️

Save up on prepping time and eliminate prepping work ✔️

Snap frozen veggies have more nutrients than fresh imported veggies ✔️

Easy Cooking Tip#2: Use natural dressings/sauces

Why do we love this tip?

It adds healthy fat to your dish. Healthy fat is essential for absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamin A, D, E and K) ✔️

It is the quickest and easiest way to flavour your dish  ✔️


Easy Cooking Tip#3: Season with Spices and Herbs

Why do we love this tip?

Easy way to enhance the flavours of the dish ✔️

Spices and herbs offer maximum nutritional benefits with minimal use. ✔️


I hope this simple recipe and tips will inspire you to get cooking. Cooking at home can be just as convenient as eating out ✌️

Lots of love,


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