How to Detox: 5 Easy Ways to Detox Daily

how to detox: 5 ways to detox daily

However you want to call it - a detox, a cleanse, a flush.. It essentially just means getting rid of toxins. None of these tips actually detoxes the body directly; all they do is giving your body (your organs - liver, kidney, lymph system, colon) the helping hand to perform its functions effectively. Any detox diet or fads you hear about aim to do just that - help your organs perform its detoxifying functions.

Our organs can stop performing at its best when we lead an unhealthy lifestyle - smoking, overeating processed foods, excessive use of chemicals in our day to day, etc. Hence, these 5 practices will help your body to heal and to reach its best ability to detox effectively. They are so simple and if you are mindful in incorporating these daily, you will begin to see the benefits physically (clearer skin, healthy weight, more energy, stronger immune system, etc).

These are among the most commonly asked questions regarding detox:

“How do you get rid of toxins in your body”

“What is the easiest way to detox”

“How to detox your body to lose weight”

and these 5 practices will help you answer them….

How to Detox Daily #1: Eat Detoxifying Food Daily

So what does that include?

Fruits and Veggies  🍊 🍅 🍆 🍋  

Herbs and Spices 🌿🌱

High Fiber Foods 🍠 🌰

I find it easy to include these foods into my day to day by aiming to fill up my plates with 70% veggies ( if you can’t do it one meal, don’t sweat just eat more of them in your next meal), snack on fruits, season your meals with herbs & spices, and sneak in some high fiber foods such as flaxseeds, chia seeds, oats, beans..

“You can easily do these by being mindful about using them whenever possible. For example, adding lemon and chia seeds into your drinking water……..”

How to Detox Daily #2: Drink Tea Daily

My tea recommendations:

Green Tea (this is my current favourite!)

Rooibos Tea

Homemade Herbal Tea - see more of these below

Other detox tea ideas..

how to detox: tea

As you can tell from the teas that I have👆, I'm a tea freak! 😁  If you’re not a regular tea drinker like myself, an easy way to incorporate tea drinking into your life is to make it part of your daily routine; whether it’s your morning drink, or your drink before bed (choose caffeine-free tea for this time of the day), or a tea time drink. When you make it part of your routine, it becomes a habit easily #noreminderneeded 😆

Here are a few benefits to drinking tea at different times of the day:

Morning tea - If you’ve some time to chill in the morning, drinking a cup of hot tea in the morning can put you in a better head space throughout the day especially when it’s coupled with some quiet time, reading, journalling..

Tea time - If tea time is the best time to have your tea, it can act as an afternoon pick-me-up to keep you productive and help fight the noon-crash. It also eases any stress you may feel throughout the day..

Tea before bedtime - This is one of my personal favourite times to have tea. It winds me down, promotes relaxation and best of all, it helps me curb any food cravings. It’s best to choose caffeine-free tea at this time of the day to avoid any disruption to your sleep.

Here are some of my caffeine-free, homemade herbal options that I love so much…

how to detox: caffeine free homemade tea

How to Detox Daily #3: Sweat It Out

Here’s a few suggestions on how to sweat it out!

👉 Workout session (I love HIIT!)

👉 Hot yoga/pilates (Urban Spring in Bangsar offers some amazing hot classes)

👉 Sauna/ Steam room


I've got some sweating 😅  fun facts for you here...

Do you know sweating helps you get rid of toxins such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury?

A research was published on how sweating is overlooked as a way to get rid of these heavy metals in our body.

Most detoxing happens through the liver and kidneys, but when the amount exceeds what the body can handle, your pores will pitch in.


Ladies, this might be something you will like. DIY your "at-home" spa... If you’ve got 5-10 minutes to spare, you can try this DIY facial steaming that helps to detoxify and cleanses out impurities (eg: blackheads, etc):

how to detox: facial steam

Step 1: Pour hot water into a bowl

Step 2: Add fresh mint

Step 3: Steam your face by pulling a towel over your head and placing your head close enough to the bowl of hot water.

Step 4: Steam for 5 minutes.

P.s. Not only does this facial steam detoxes your skin, it leaves your skin feeling fresh as well!


Complete these steps for effective skin care routine:



Facial Steam (as per above)



How to Detox Daily #4: Staying Hydrated

How to stay hydrated?

👉 Drink 2-3L of water

👉 Green Juice/Smoothie

👉 Eat hydrating food: coconut, cucumber, lemon, zucchinis.....

how to detox: stay hydrated, drink green smoothie

Tips to drink enough water:

  1. Bring a bottle with you all day (make sure you refill it 2-3 times if it’s a 1L bottle)
  2. Make it a routine to drink a full glass of warm water upon waking every morning
  3. Flavour your water with sliced fruits - great for those who hate drinking plain water.. (give you added vitamins too! It’s a win-win✌️)

how to detox: hydrate with vitamin water

How to Detox Daily #5: Limit Processed Food!

#eatrealfood is one of the best advices you can receive or give anybody. It is the ultimate health tip.

So what’s real food..........?

Easy! Anything without a list of ingredients.. Think wholefoods - anything that does not have a label from the fresh food department of your local grocer. Fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, herbs, etc.

If you want to buy anything from a packet, then make sure the list of ingredient is a combination of wholefoods listed. For example, can of chickpeas. Only 3 ingredients: chickpeas, salt and water!


I hope these 5 tips gives you a general idea of living a "detoxifying" lifestyle. There are ofcourse many other ways to help your body detox effectively (one more here!), but these 5 practices are the essential basics you can start with. Besides, they are also the easiest to incorporate daily don’t you think? 😉 If you love these tips, you might also love the tips we’ve shared on our blog post, “5 Practical Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit”.

Catch ya in the next post!

Lots of love,



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