How to Make Amazing Yogurt Recipes in Minutes

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If you’ve been following The Pantry online, you probably already know that I’ve got a favourite when it comes to yogurt; the Greek/Natural Yogurt from Farmers Union 😍

greek yogurt from farmers union

Many yogurt brands in the market are filled with artificial flavouring and loads of refined sugars. So when I found one that’s made with only cultures and milk, that was it! Gone were the days where I had to pick up every yogurt brand to check the ingredient list. Many people have asked many questions on yogurt such as these below, let’s answer them shall we?

What kind of yogurt is best for you?

Any that’s not loaded with sugar, artificial flavouring, food conditioners, as I’ve mentioned earlier. You want to eat your yogurt for the good bacteria and probiotic benefits, not for the chemicals and additives in there.

Greek yogurt or any unflavoured yogurt taste too tangy and awful! How do I have them and still enjoy them?

Easy! Flavour and sweeten them yourself with whole ingredients such as nut butters, raw honey, 100% fresh fruit jam/spread. That way you control the amount of sugar you’re adding on to your yogurt.

Is yogurt actually good for you?

Yes, but pick the right ones. It benefits your digestive health, thanks to the cultures it contains which promotes good bacteria in our body. You can check out its many other health benefits here.

How do I enjoy yogurt other than just eating them on its own?

Just the question we’ve been waiting for.. Just cos we’ve got plenty (by plenty we mean ten! TEN! 10!) of yogurt recipes here for ya! 😆

Yogurt Recipe #1: Fruit Yogurt Celebration Bowl

Fruit Yogurt Celebration Bowl


2 Heap Tbsp Natural Yoghurt @farmersunionyogurtsg

1 Handful Frozen Blueberries

½ Red Apple (cubed)

1 Tbsp of Brownie Crumbs (made using The Pantry’s No Bake Choc Brownie Pre-Mix)

½ Tbsp Raw Honey


Add yogurt and honey in a bowl. Mix well. Add on all other ingredients and enjoy!

Yogurt Recipe #2: Blueberry Sorbet

Blueberry Sorbet


2 Handful of Frozen Blueberries

2 Heap Tbsp of Natural Yoghurt @farmersunionyogurtsg


Add in blueberries and yogurt into food processor. Let it run till it reaches smooth ice cream consistency. This should take only a minute or less.

Yogurt Recipe #3: Almond Cinnamon Yogurt Jar

Almond Cinnamon Yogurt Jar


2 Heap Tbsp Natural Yoghurt @farmersunionyogurtsg

1 Tbsp Almond Cinnamon @thepantrybyerina

1 Tsp Raw Honey

2 Tbsp #homemade granola

3 Tbsp Cubed Apples

Sprinkle of Chopped Almonds


Mix yogurt, almond cinnamon and honey in a bowl. Layer bottom of the jar with granola, then the yogurt mixture, followed by apples, yogurt mixture and top it off with crushed almonds.

Other Yogurt Recipes:

Mint Yoghurt Cucumber Salad Recipe

Mint Cucumber Yogurt Salad Recipe

Mango Yogurt Ice Cream Recipe

Mango Yogurt Ice Cream Recipe

Matcha Yogurt Recipe

Matcha Yogurt Recipe

Blueberry Yogurt Shake Recipe

blueberry yogurt shake recipe

Chocolate Hazelnut Granola with Greek Yogurt

chocolate hazelnut granola with greek yogurt recipe

Chocolate Pancake with Yogurt Topping

chocolate pancake with yogurt topping recipe

Banana Yogurt Smoothie Bowl

banana yogurt smoothie bowl recipe

Try these recipes out and let me know how you like them. Always love to hear from you. Hope they will inspire you to make more wholesome food that you enjoy. 

Have an amazeballs week ahead! Till next time 😘

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