3 Tips to Creating Healthy Meals

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It’s been a while since I last posted a blogpost. If you’ve been following us on IG, you would know that I’ve been posting up many quick recipes over there. I do hope that they have helped support you in your healthy eating journey. 

For this blog channel, I’ve decided to keep them mainly for tips and health & wellness sharing ;) I hope you will find them useful, encouraging and inspiring for whatever season or journey that you are currently in. 

Let’s kick start this NEW blog direction with “My Tips to Creating Healthy Meals

Tip #1: Balanced Ratio of Macros 

This is pretty simple and basic but let’s be honest; how many of us actually incorporate this into our daily meals? But the key thing isn’t perfection (striving to achieve this 100% of the time) but being mindful of it. Just being mindful and aware of it will encourage you to cook with these ratios in mind, but having said that - on days where you just want to enjoy something that’s 100% carbs? No judgment - have it and enjoy it to the fullest without a hint of guilt! Remember, being restrictive and perfect isn’t the goal here. 

Here’s an image that you can use as a rough guide when you’re cooking ;) 

tips to creating healthy meals_balanced plate

Tip #2: Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients!

One of the most beneficial parts about preparing your own meals at home is the control you have over the ingredients you are using. WHOLEFOOD is what we are looking to use - so what does wholefood mean? 

Definition of wholefood: 

Food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances” - Oxford Dictionary 

Basically, they are food without ingredient lists that are complicated with item unknown or not pronounceable. Eg; vegetables, fruits, spice, etc.

You can look up our IG page for more recipes made using wholefood.

veggie omelette healthy recipe_tips to creating healthy meals


Tip #3: Making it easy and sustainable for YOU ;) 

This is my final but most relevant tip for many of us in our journey of healthy and joyful eating. We have been swarmed and overwhelmed by many health tips, do’s and don’ts, “essential” health food lists that are posted in social media and published in mainstream news. These tend to confuse many of us and even misguide us to think that we NEED a particular food item to stay healthy or eliminate a food group to be healthy. My tip is to listen to qualified professionals (dietitians and nutritionists) who do not support these “health claims”

  • Cook with wholefoods (You are not “required” to cook with superfood or “health” food that are usually expensive and not economically sustainable in the long run for most households) 
  • Be flexible with your cooking and eating - enjoy an array of food (yes even food that the media has labelled as “bad food” such as carbs & desserts) from different food groups. Moderation is key, not elimination

All in all, being flexible with food choices and choosing from the abundant wholefood choices instead of “select health foods” would help cooking an easy and sustainable task for you at home. 

There you go; my 3 Tips to Creating Healthy Meals. I truly hope these tips will help you reflect on your choices and decisions as well as guiding you to make healthy meals for yourself at home and enjoy food of all types and sorts =D

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