Spread | Coconut Cashew Nut Butter

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"A combo that will leave you wanting more.. I love the creaminess of texture and the chunks of coconuts I get with each bite...”
Erina, founder of The Pantry

Size: 200ml

Ingredients: Cashews, Unsulfured Coconut, Raw Honey, Pink Himalayan Salt

Why it’s healthier than store-bought?

  • No added refined sugar or preservatives
  • No vegetable oil or any other hydrogenated oil
  • Use raw honey (natural sweetener), not processed sugar
  • Contain 91% cashews


Cashews, just like many other variety of nuts are known to be heart-healthy food - helping in lowering cholesterol. Consumption of cashew nuts have also shown in studies to be good for eyes, skin and hair. Alongside that, its high percentage of dietary fibre contributes to digestive health as well.

Raw Honey, our choice of natural sweetener is filled with phytonutrients, and boasting with healing properties (contains natural antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide). Benefits of raw honey is aplenty from boosting immune system, to healing wounds, aiding digestion, helping weight management and blood sugar management - just to name a few..