Hi loves! 👋

I hope you’re loving what you see in The Pantry! 😍  It is exactly what the name suggest - a pantry! I’ve created all these pantry staples using only natural, wholesome ingredients. They are what I use on a daily basis, and they have helped me achieve the health that I desire for myself, both physically and mentally.

My journey to having a happy-healthy relationship with food, feeding my body what it truly needs and loving what I’m feeding myself has been a long one. I’ve struggled with food and body image for most of my life, and I’m finally in a happy place; living a balanced (non-extreme) lifestyle and best of all, overcoming my struggle with food.. Along the way, I’ve found my own rhythm, staying healthy without the extremities and the most important of all, not stressing over it!

Changing my pantry items was one of the best decisions I’ve made! It has given me the joy of having a variety of delicious meals (or treats) on a daily basis, knowing that they are nutritious and great for my body. Plus, doing all that without much hassle. I’m able to whip up a delicious, nutritious meal with my pantry items easily in minutes! Would love to share these with you so you can do it for yourself too. 

Above all, the heart of The Pantry is to inspire you to eat well and enjoy the process whilst embracing your body the way it's uniquely made. I hope what we’ve got in this pantry will help you achieve the healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle you desire. I’ll be sharing easy recipes, little tips and tricks on our #thepantryshares section and in social media (Facebook & Instagram). Hope they will help you find your own rhythm with food, eating well and living a healthy (physically and mentally) lifestyle 😘 

Do get connected with me if you’d like to chat or find out more about my journey or just needing a listening ear 😉  Life is meant to be shared, and I hope with The Pantry, we can do just that! ❤️

Oh and definitely do share via #eatwiththepantry. I hope this could be a way for us to inspire one another and learn together. There'll never be a boring meal again ;) 

With lots of love, Erina 💕