Dressings & Dips | Spicy Roasted Pepper Dressing

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“This is my go to when I’m craving for a little kick of spice! It’s mildly sweet from the roasted peppers, fragrant from the roasted garlic and perfected by the hint of spiciness.. This one is a game changer!”- Erina, founder of The Pantry

Size: 230ml

Best Before: 5 Days (refrigerated) 

Ingredients: Red Capsicum (Bell Pepper), Filtered Water, Garlic, Cashew Nuts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chilli Flakes, Pink Himalayan Salt

Why it’s healthier than store-bought?

  • No added sugar or preservatives
  • Use fresh red capsicum (bell pepper) and whole garlic, not flavouring
  • Use extra virgin olive oil, not highly processed oil
  • Use natural salt (pink himalayan salt), not table salt
  • Use all natural ingredients
  • Contain  40% Red Pepper and 20%Garlic (Roasted with 3% Extra Virgin Olive Oil),  14% Cashew Nuts, <1% Chilli Flakes, <1% Pink Himalayan Salt, 23% Filtered Water


    Flavours from fresh, wholesome ingredients!

    Red Capsicum (Bell Pepper), boasting with Vitamin C is amazing in strengthening your immune system, helps tissue repair, protects from cell damage, improves bones and teeth health, amongst many other benefits. In addition, capsaicin found in bell peppers are shown to have helped in reducing cholesterol, easing inflammation and controlling diabetes! 

    Garlic which contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties is widely used since ancient times. It is also known to prevent cancer, heart diseases and act as a blood purifier as well!

    Healthy fat from cashew nuts and extra virgin olive oil is a point not to be missed. More often than not, we try to avoid fat in our diet, but do you know it is vital to include some fat (healthy fat ofcourse!) into your salads, as vegetables contain oil-soluble vitamins (Vitamin A, D, E and K). Without fat, these vitamins will not be absorbed effectively into our system. 

    Natural salt, not table salt! Salt gets bad rep for contributing to high blood pressure. Yes, that’s the case when you are using highly processed table salt, that has gone through refining process which strips off all the mineral it carries except sodium. Sodium works with potassium to regulate blood pressure, using one without the other messes up the system! Natural salt (i.e sea salt, pink himalayan salt) contains minerals that are vital to our health.