Healthy Snack | Banana Walnut Granola

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"What goes better than Banana + Walnuts! My favourite granola to be paired with my morning yoghurt bowl lately..“ -Erina, founder of The Pantry

Size: 300 gm

Ingredients: rolled oats, walnuts, olive oil, 100% dehydrated banana, raw honey, chia seeds, ceylon cinnamon powder

Why it’s healthier than store-bought?

  • No added sugar or preservatives
  • Use rolled oats 
  • Use natural salt (pink himalayan salt), not table salt
  • Sweetened naturally with 100% raw honey and 100% natural dried fruits
  • Use olive oil instead of vegetable oil


Oats are high in fiber and minerals; making it great for digestion, metabolic health and helps in lowering blood pressure and reducing heart-related diseases. Oats are great alternative to the highly processed wheat flour which can cause a spike in your blood sugar level!

Natural salt, not table salt! Salt gets bad rep for contributing to high blood pressure. Yes, that’s the case when you are using highly processed table salt, that has gone through refining process which strips off all the mineral it carries except sodium. Sodium works with potassium to regulate blood pressure, using one without the other messes up the system! Natural salt (i.e sea salt, pink himalayan salt) contains minerals that are vital to our health.